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Additional Business Services

Want to Automate Test Image Generation?

ExpressExpense provides data services for businesses and large enterprises for testing and training of Image Recognition and Artificial Intelligence systems.

How Does Express Digital Services Enterprise Services Work?

Using our API services and scalable server architecture, we can produce massive, customized datasets of receipts, tickets or other digital assets for use in training deep learning, artificial intelligence or image recognition systems.

Our Enterprise Services allow your organization to:

  • Generate massive datasets of millions or billions of images
  • Create images based on our library of receipt, ticket, citation templates
  • Receive images and detailed metadata in XML, JSON or CSV format
  • Random or customer-specified custom data input for image generation (ie: Business details, customer details, ticket details..etc)
  • Customize image properties (ie: image size, brightness, contrast, paper material, texture, image quality, optical effects)

What kind of images and test data do we offer?

With Express Digital Services Enterprise Services, you can create test images in a large variety of styles using our existing templates.  We also offer custom template creation for your business to create image templates to your specifications.

  • Available image templates:
    • Travel – Airfare/Bus/Train/Ground Transport – Tickets, Invoices
    • Airline – Receipts
    • Car Rental – Receipts
    • Business Expense – Restaurant receipts, supply receipts, gas receipts
    • HR – Employee forms
    • Ticketing – Event tickets, Citations
  • Custom image templates:
    • Customer-specified image templates based on your exact specifications

Support for Your Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning System

Our data services have been used in conjunction with TensorFlow, Microsoft Cognitive Services and other proprietary artificial intelligence systems.  We offer on-demand API access as well as bulk delivery options for Enterprise customers

Why Express Digital Services Enterprise Services?

If your application needs large volumes of images and test data for testing, regression testing and validation – we can help!

Let us help you create an image testing solution

Set up a consultation to determine the right solution for your project.